Jérémy Stravius 47.97 Makes It 2 Olympic Champions Felled; Manaudou 3rd; Agnel 7th

Jeremy Stravius, left, the sub-48 winner; and, clockwise, together with the European-champion quartet in 2014, Manaudou, Gilot and Metella; Clement Mignon, the newcomer who took the second berth for the solo race in Rio - all images, Patrick B. Kraemer

Jérémy Stravius has done it again. Having won the 200m freestyle at French trials when Olympic champion Yannick Agnel missed the cut required to defend his crown in Rio, Stravius today kept the men of Marseilles at bay with a 47.97 victory in a 100m freestyle battle that left Olympic 50m champion Florent Manaudou locked out of the Olympic fight in third.

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Dan smith

That french relay is going to be smoking. Clement Mignon keeps improving.

13 year old bailey Coleman swam a 4:05:47 in the boy,s 400 free in Australia breaking elijiah winnington,s age group record while 14 yeat old kaylee McKeown keeps lighting up the backstroke with a 1:00:64 in the 100 back. The Australian youngsters are on fire.

Dan smith

And how in earth does Australia continue to produce these young world class swimmers. They don’t have the NCAA of the US or the newer BUCS system of Britain. Japan also has an extensive high school and collegiate sports system. Japan,s collegiate sports system is underrated but it appears more extensive than that of the US. I was watching the final of the Japanese collegiate football (soccer) match on YouTube and the crowd attending was almost like the English premiership. It,s the same with Japanese collegiate baseball although Japanese high school baseball attracts insane crowds ( higher than their collegiate counterparts). Also swimming pools are ubiquitous in Japanese high-schools. I mean long course pools. Pretty insane.

But Australia doesn’t seem to have a collegiate sports system but produce world class swimmers consistently.

Maybe it,s just the swimming culture and good coaches?

Or maybe swimming is Australia, s pasttime similar to baseball being America,s pasttime.

Bad Anon

Looks like Manaudou overswam the first 50 and faded badly. 48.1 pales in comparison to his ambitious 47.4 target… And Agnel not his best ; perhaps the tough cuts taking a toll on the athletes’ mental approach ; apprehension leading to “below par” swims


Manaudou said he was going to swim 47.4?

Bad Anon

He surely did. He specifically wanted to do it as follows 22.40(25.00); he kinder took it out a bit too hard 22.26 and could only manage 25.84 on the 2ndi 50

Dan smith

Yep manaudou faded badly. I think it was bad race strategy. He knew stravius has an insane back half so he took it out hard in the first 50 but I don’t think he knew Clement Mignon would improve too. Clement mignon,s back half has improved. I think Clement Mignon will go sub 48 very soon.
Manaudou still has the 50 free. I have always thought he should concentrate on the 50 as doing a 50/100 free double in the olympics is very hard.
The french relay is going to be hot.

Dan smith

and yep manaudou wanted to go 47.4.


Currently, the French is the front-runners for m4x100 free. We’ll see if they remain there after Aussie and US trials, because right now I see those two countries are the main challengers. This is despite both countries not finaling in Kazan LOL.

I think Manaudou has finally understood the hard way that going sub 48 is not that easy. The only ones able to consistently swim sub 48 are McEvoy and pre-injured Magnussen. So yeah, only mcEvoy.


I was a bit of expecting Manaudou to fail.He is very inconsistent in 100free.And it looks like he can’t match a great 100 and a great 50 in the same champs(a common occurrence nowadays for most sprinters). I remember him doing a 45.0 in a SCM champs and his 50 wasn’t great.In SCM Worlds, he destroyed 50 free and back WR, but only 45.8 in 100free.
Looking in another angle, his 50 free probably will be a monster swim.


Dan, with regards to the AUS situation; probably the amalgam of a number of factors.

1. Climate and generally long warm summers are much friendlier than other countries.
2. The vast majority of the population lives along the coasts therefore close to the water; thus water safety is a high priority for children.
3. A long tradition has helped and until recently with “suits”, competitive swimming was less expensive and more accessible to a wider social demographic. This is most likely narrowing considerably.
4. Whilst there is no collegiate sport, the sport is still funded better than most AUS Olympic sports. Whilst there are no sports scholarships; AUS universities (even the Group of Eight “elite”) have been accommodating to elite sportsperson-students.

However, the post Rio “playing field”, with regards to both government and corporate $$$ for Olympic sports, may be very different and far less comfortable.

paolo rubbiani

It may sounds strange, but kind of relief in Manaudou’s words after the race. He has always been afraid of the 100 free and particularly of three tough rounds on the big Olympic stage.
Now he can focus upon 50 free, where his monster dive and power can make the usual difference.., or not if a certain Caeleb Dressel will decide to make big waves also in LCM after what he did in SCY.

About 100 free at Montpellier, happy for Stravius and Mignon, two great freestylers with a nice stroke. In swimming tecnique and race strategy can still make the difference, also in a relatively short distance like 100 free.


It’s great for both swimmers, but they will need to be faster for the podium in Rio (let’s bet at least 47.8). The door is open for Mac Evoy for gold (who else?)

Craig, you just missed the 100 Back of B. Gastaldello in Montpellier (1.00.26) for the rankings update. Thank you

Craig Lord

Updated Pierre, merci (full meet will only be loaded when meet done).


About ranking there were some good times on sa champs Guido went 53,40 backstroke with full beard


It seems these days people are swimming faster being unshaven than shaven and full-tapered.
Manaudou swam sub 48 while unshaven
And I remember on several occasions in 2012 and 2013, Magnussen swam really fast times while unshaven also.

Maybe the beard and staches are floating devices?
Mark Spitz was right all along!

Craig Lord

All in with a day to go, Rafael. Will do a wrap when its done.

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