Jennie Johansson & Michelle Coleman Barred From The Swedish Swim Squad

Michelle Coleman - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Two of Sweden’s top swimmers, World 50m breaststroke champion Jennie Johansson and freestyle and backstroke ace Michelle Coleman, have been suspended from the national team. Where Johansson had already opted out of world s/c titles next month, the decision means that Coleman will not race, her absence a blow to Sweden’s relay medal chances.

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John Svensson

I fail to see the reasoning behind going public with something but at the same time saying it will be solved internally. I also see it having something to do with them being a lot in Australia.

As for s/c relays that was pretty much not happening anyway. Sjöström will finish her season at nationals, and Hansson is at college. But Coleman is an excellent s/c freestyler so definitely had a medal chance.

Craig Lord

Yes, John, odd to leave half a msg hanging; transparency and feeling free to state ‘this is my concern and this is why I disagree’ is the way to go. All involved are big boys and girls … but I suppose this is a sensitive moment, at least for some, at a time of change

John Svensson

So apparently the new info going around in media now is that it’s Olympics related, similar to some Australian swimmers they didn’t obey to the rules connected with staying in the Olympic village post-competition and were banned from the closing ceremony. Swedish committee didn’t recommend a suspension but they put the swim federation on notice about it happening.

Johansson swam this morning at nationals but scratched from the finals. The news came in between.

Craig Lord

Thanks John

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