Jazz Carlin: Time ‘To Show Character’ Racing Unrested As All Lanes Lead To Ledecky

All roads in 2009 led to Rome and one of several tunnels of honour Jazz Carlin has been treated to by teammates - now all lanes lead to Ledecky and Rio 2016 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Jazmin Carlin approaches the defence of the European 400 and 800m freestyle titles feeling relaxed and, well, lucky to be a world-class swimmer, lucky to be among those spending six weeks Down Under during a British winter, lucky, in fact, to be here, to be alive with everything to aim for. How the courage shown by Maggie Coleman has brought perspective and motivation

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Edmund Trebus

Nice piece and thankfully devoid of the words ‘helm’, ‘treasury’ and ‘ranks topper’ (but you did manage to shoehorn a mention of Bill Sweetenham in there).
Good luck in London and Rio, Jazz.

Craig Lord

Edmund, there’s no shoehorning Bill Sweetenham, he deserves the mention. As for helm, treasury and ranks topper – all very useful when you have two minutes to get swimming written before the rest of life beckons, the swimming the tip, not the iceberg. As Jazz says, we do our best, just as you’ve done a fine job on begrudged plaudit 🙂 Your energy could be better directed if snippy comment is your art: there really are much bigger things to focus on.

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