Japan’s Jets Daiya Seto & Kosuke Hagino Lead The Way To Rio 4 Years Out From Home Games

Kosuke Hagino and Daiya Seto have known many battles. [Photo: Swimming Australia]

The 92nd Japanese Swimming Championships will be held over seven days at Tokyo’s Tatsumi International Swimming Center in April; six weeks out and the Konami Open witnesses a wave of world top 10s, 20,s 30,s 50s and 100s

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Ah, Japan. I think they have an incredible strong team. I’m always looking for great performances and great times from them. I hope this time around things will work for them, especially in the male 4x200m freestyle and the 4×100 medley relays. While Mr. Hagino, Mr. Seto, and Mr. Irie are among their most visible swimmers, Japan seems to have a very promising younger generation of male swimmers coming up the ranks. A case in point is the 200m butterfly, where Mr. Seto currently seems to have severe competition in recent performances. The 200m freestyle is another case, where other than Mr. Hagino, the top names seem to change from meeting to meeting. The female team is also very strong, and I hope Ms. Hoshi can prevail in the 200m butterfly. The world needs it! I don’t know about this olympics, but if they keep the progression by the next one Japan will have a fearsome team. About a year or maybe more ago there was news about newly established exchange programs between Australia and Japan and also between Great Britain and Japan. Did anything come out of that? Too bad all three countries have some trouble finding a top contender in the men 100m butterfly.

Craig Lord

Yes, for33, there have been joint training camps and the visitors have competed at local meets. I think such exchanges can be enriching well beyond the lane line.


For33, there have been Japanese swimmers training in AUS and its not uncommon to see some competing at AUS domestic meets.

JAP has been part of the late January Super Series meet in Perth for the past two years and AUS sent a fairly strong team to last year’s Japan Open meet.

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