James The Missile Magnussen Fires Back In 47.71

Killer reach: James Magnussen, James Feigen, Nathan Adrian, left to right [Photo: Patrick B Kraemer]

The world crown remains on the young Australian’s head: James “The Missile” Magnussen fired back at his Olympic nemesis of 2012, Nathan Adrian (USA) and a barrage of criticism and inquiry he endured in the wake of a 0.01sec defeat at the London Games to take the 100m freestyle in 47.71; Jimmy Feigen and Adrian block the door to the podium on 47.82 and 47.84, Cameron McEvoy the fastest teen in history – 47.88; Vladimir Morozov pays price for 21.94 split

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amazing race !!! I thought the horror of london might be coming back a bit after the turn seeing morozov and adrian speed but he did it !! Hopefully the whole Australian team and him in particular can move on and forget London !! They have an incredibly young and talentuous team now, first and foremost of the youth coming : Mc Evoy !!! so close to a medal !! unbelievable swim by him too !! good Job aussies !!


Let’s hope the Missile’s win will help to heal a few wounds back in Oz. Especially with the media who seemed to be in search of headlines drenched in the blood of either Swimming Australia swimmers or officials. Great win Missile and awesome swim Cameron.


Really good for Magnussen! I really deserved it! Again, he raced with a “relative” bad time for him, but the victory is here!

Ahahahah! Really good joke with Morozov!! 21.94 at feet! So it’s about 21.6 without the roll! Sure he had to go fast in the first 50, but a 22.3 or 22.4 like Adrian would have been a better compromise… and would have probably avoided a 26.07 coming back…

Anyway, good for Mcevoy to join the sub-48 club. If he keeps on improving his sprint skills, 2015 worlds and 2016 olympics will rock with him!

But by the way, you forgot a lot of results in the “How The History Splits Stack Up”. Especially from 2012 olympic final: Hayden 47.80 (where is he this year?!), Agnel 47.84, Vershuuren (sad for him this year! I thought he would be the surprise) 47.88…
Or Cielo 47.8, a certain VDH in 47.84 in 2000…


Hayden retired


How the history split stack up also lack James Roberts’ 47.63

The difference with Magnussen in Barcelona is that he’s had more races this year than last year. He did the Open De France thing.

I think Grant Best and Magnussen should plan Magnussen to be race tough and swim in many more meets.


Phew…glad Magnussen won…
but still not happy with his split….his second 50 (24.91) is still too slow for him…
maybe it’s the nerve of the final..
hopefully after this he will be more relax in future international meets/ championships and get back to doing 24.3 – 24 5 for his second 50.

Proud of McEvoy..!!!


Well done to Maggie first of all.

I think the 100m Free could become one of the most exciting races in the international calendar in the next few years. I think recent events have brought into focus how tactical this race is, and I suppose it makes sense when you think about the speed these guys have to maintain throughout the entire 100m.

You’ve got Morozov’s pure speed, Maggie’s back half and Adrian as the all-round performer with the steady nerve. Not to mention the others bubbling under. There are so many other factors too – Adrian can seem to defuse Maggie on the first 50m when he is next to him.


Yes, I hope this helps Australian swimming.


The BBC commentatory team continue to be consistently hostile when reporting on James, perhaps it is now time to give that a rest.

I can understand the benefit of not being in a centre lane, next to your main rival. It must be extremely frustrating to have the speed to win the race but to be out-touched by a rival who has been drafting. Though of course that is all part of the strategy of racing.


So that Morozov’s opening 50m can be considered as one sort of record.


swimswam is down, and swimvortex has not yet put up the live updates for day 6 final!

whats up guys!!

the women 100 free final is about to start!


Is it true that FINA asked so high price for the broadcasting rights that it really prevented Aussie media from acquiring them? If it is really the case, I presume the price tag is not same for everyone. Lithuanian television seemed to have no problem with paying.

As ASwimFan mentioned above Maggie has raced more this season. I’d love to see him doing that more in the future too. It’s also important for swimming in general that elites would come and compete more often.

Craig Lord

Yes, it is true… or rather, what is true is that FINA has a price ‘X’… the Aussie sports broadcast market is weaker at mo, the events that attract the big audiences pro sports, test cricket etc… a price lower than FINA’s was offered but FINA turned it down, saying same price for all. Australia said No – market cannot afford that right now.

On swimming more often: I think we’ll see a lot more swimming more often ahead…

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