James Magnussen Gathers Momentum In Time For 4×100 Aussie Rio Relay Tilt

James Magnussen - courtesy of arena

James Magnussen’s recovery from shoulder surgery in 2015 has come too late for him to have a say in the 100m freestyle at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games but his new-found speed – 48.49 today in Brisbane – provides boost to Australian 4x100m free hopes four years after a medalless nightmare at London 2012. Cameron McEvoy – 48.43; and a 24.04 from Cate Campbell…

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24.04 untapered
Words cannot describe how amazing C1 is.
Here’s hoping with a good start and a full taper she can take down Steffens super suit 23.73
Would be fitting for the best sprinter of the last 4 years


0.31 is 1.3%. It is a lot for personal best improvement. Since 24.04 is not a personal best then for tapering process it could be a doable jump. But it is still a lot.


Well she swam 23.84 in April so the jump is 0.11 so not out of reach


Sure, it is just the distance of the size of her hand. Why not? 🙂
As much as you I hate and don’t accept rubber suits records and want them gone. It was the assistant swimming, no different if one races with the usage of fins.
I can agree that medals earned with the help of suits can stay assuming that everybody wore them, but records shouldn’t be counted.


*assisted swimming


C1’s clearly the time of the night. Will be curious to see what both she and little sister produce over 100, especially to get a gauge on just how C2 is tracking, given she was surprisingly off pace at Japan Open and 50s can be inconclusive evidence.

Ashwood continues to show impressive consistency this year; if she threw down that 8.21 in Rio heats then she’s almost certainly booked herself a ticket to the main event.

Very pleasantly surprised with Barratt’s 200free time; she remains an eternal enigma but if we can gain any comfort from her history, her previous Olympics (2008 & 2012) have been solid at minimum.

Personal Best

Also super impressive is Madison Wilson.
She swam a 53.93 leading the 200m free final.
It’s her first time under 54, and places her just behind Seebohm’s 53.92 as the 10th fastest Aussie.

Thomas Fraser-Holmes also time trialed a 1:47.45 for 200 free in the heats of the 400 free.

Minna Atherton’s time is actually 2:08.00, a new PB.
Kaylee Mceown, still 14, swam an impressive PB as well, going under 2:10 for the first time with a 2:09.60.
Will be interesting to see what she does in the 100. The women’s backstrokes are getting stacked in Australia.


Thanks for pointing that out. PB !! Hadn’t noticed that. She has certainly been after a piece of the 4×100 action and DID throw one or two such 100 TTs in 200s during the AUS season. Certainly firming her candidacy for the 4×100 heats.

Noticed Atherton & McKeown’s times. Hocking is likely to collect her superannuation post Rio and I’m sceptical Seebohm will sign on for another full cycle (farewell at 2018 CG ?). Add Whittaker’s showings at Trials and there’s strong grounds for confidence that the standard shouldn’t fall away drastically when Seebohm & co leave.


WR for Cate, can’t be feeling too bad


I would say Bronte was pretty solid in 2012, bronze medal in 200m free!

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