James Guy Fires 1:45.19 Gun For 200m Gold At Helm Of 4×200 Hunt With A Rio Riot In Mind

James Guy - Rio Rising - get that - 1:45.1 last day, no full taper - by Ian MacNicol

James Guy, world 200m freestyle champion on 1:45.14 last August, scorched a 1:45.19 victory in the last final of six days of racing at Tollcross International in Glasgow. He emerged from the fray with a raised eyebrow and a smile to say: “Well, that went better than expected”.

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Very good swim by Guy, will only see improvement. The 4X200 will struggle against the likes of the Australians (times from trials) & the US.


So the trials standards have produced 8 direct qualifiers.


Finally something is moving in the stagnant waters of the 200 free … Is there any way to get a video of the race?

Felix Sanchez

GB bigwigs have given themselves a lot (far too much in a sport ultimately governed by objectivity) of options for selection. With 4×200 being a strong relay they certainly have the spaces on the team to bring six, but if it came to it, one would surely hope Lloyd wouldn’t get one of the 30 places over an individual swimmer. Even if there is plenty of space on the squad there’s little point having a sixth in a situation like this. They can’t risk resting more than one in the heats and 2-5 are very close in times anyway – and with no other swims to worry about. If the philosophy is small team of genuine contenders, there’s not really room for someone to sit around waiting for others to get sick.

Craig Lord

Embedded Therealuigi: at 1:30 into the tape of all finals


This swim only confirms that he remains the favorite for 200 gold.

Bad Anon

Very metrionomical splits for that 1.45 from James Guy. it will be beautiful to see Hagino, McEvoy, “two Americans” ,in that Rio final. 1.44.5 is my prediction for the gold medal winning time


Thank you Craig. His walls are below average, but his speed over the water is wonderful and my God the kick was going until the last meter.

Craig Lord

Yes, ThereL… the good part of the turn is after it, the catch of water and roll into stroke flows well, momentum harnessed


Final. Two Aussies and two USA. Leaves only 4 spots.


Yang, Stravius, Guy and Hagino will be in the final.

Craig Lord

Yes, aswimfan, could well be … I don’t think we will see AUS and USA take half the lanes in the final.


Neither do I..

Those four swimmers I mentioned above, and two of these swimmers will also be in the final:
Biedermann, Agnel, Verschuren, Le Clos, Stepjanovic, a Russian, a Brazilian.

And then one Australian and one American each will make up the final 8.


There is a high possibility that the mens 200 free final will field swimmers from 8 different countries, just like what happened in Kazan.


Guy is the favorite, for now…! But it will be very tight to enter the final…1.45.5 enough? Not sure, but not much lower. Who bet?


Imo, 1:45.5 is too fast. I think the slowest qualifier will swim around 1:46.15

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