James Guy All But Matches World Silver Pace For Debut Ticket To Olympic Games

James Guy by Georgie Kerr, courtesy of British Swimming

James Guy all but matched his World-titles silver-medal speed with a 3:43.84 victory in the 400m freestyle for his first ticket to an Olympic Games – and the first handed out by Britain for Rio 2016. Stephen Milne outside cut but on the shortlist of those within 2% of target – the door to Rio ajar yet

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Dan smith

Craig I think Stephen milne will qualify. All swimmers within 2% of the BRITISH consideration time will qualify and milne is inside 2% of the BRITISH consideration time.

Steve Buckley

That’s not strictly true Dan – Stephen is within 2% and far enough inside that he is very likely to go, but there is no obligation to pick him and he could yet be passed by a sea of swimmers closer to the consideration time. Like you though, I do think he will go.

Craig Lord

Yes, that’s right Steve… BOA will decide when all ‘within 2%s’ are counted and the numbers of those are known.

Craig Lord

He has a good chance, Dan but no guarantees at this stage – there is a limit on numbers, so 30 within 2%s would be problematic… I, too, think he’ll be in Rio.


Reading the selection policy, it appears that the winner only, of each event who swims the QT is selected. After that, there are six further selections (max.)which may be made at the discretion of the head coach. After those two criteria are fulfilled, other considerations are possible and that’s where the 2% comes in. It’s in part 3, ‘selection process,’ 3.1, 3.2, 3.3. of this doc. https://www.britishswimming.org/documents/34/2016_Olympic_Games_Selection_Policy_FINAL_8-10-15.pdf

Craig Lord

Quite, Ger, which is why we can only say, door ajar but no guarantees… impossible to say who and how many will end up in the holding lounge by Sunday night.

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