It’s Time: Missy Franklin Anxious To Put Down Pedal On The Road To Rio

Missy Franklin - by Peter Bick

Missy Franklin is itching to get the United States Olympic Trials under way and to put down some quick times that will reaffirm her status as one of the world’s premier female swimmers.

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I think Missy can qualify in the individual events: 100/200 back and 200 free.


ASF, whilst I agree with your summation of MF’s prospects, I feel that there IS a significant “qualifier” to her backstroke. Namely her starts & her turns which have been setting her at a significant disadvantage for the past 2 years.

She may be “flying” in actual swimming turns but unless these are significantly improved; she’s effectively in a position of having to make up ground then lose it then having to make it up again against competition who may be swimming as well as her but getting these aspects right. This is particularly pertinent to the 100back.

DiRado’s has looked, over the past 2 years, to be the best of the US IMers, and whilst Beisel may be coming back into form for the 400; I think she’s good odds to make it in both. The 2nd 200back berth looks to be anyone’s guess.

Manuel has in essence been a 53.6-53.8 swimmer with her 53.25 proving to be a complete outlier. If she, or anyone else, hits that kind of mark in Omaha, then it really is a step up for USA in this event. Sub 53sec splits in the 4×100 may be on the cards but NED looks to be the more realistic target than AUS.

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