Is Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima Dialing Up The Past For One Final Hurrah?

The Kosuke Kitajima effect on Japanese breaststroke standards is massive [Photo: Patrick B. Kraemer]

Kosuke Kitajima, the four-time Olympic breaststroke champion, clocked 59.62 in the semifinals of the 100 breaststroke at the Japanese Olympic Trials. The question is whether the veteran has a little bit more left.

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These Japanese Trials may prove to be one of the more interesting of the current/upcoming set; albeit one that many may overlook given their concentration on what may/may not transpire in AUS/GBR/CAN etc.

Why so ? JAP is actually a country seemingly on the rise and actually widening its scope beyond what had been traditional areas of strength. Whilst by no means are they at the stage of having depth across both programs; they certainly have good prospects of a high place on the medal table.


Now that Tokyo hosting 2020 Olympics, I’m sure their standing in the medal table will continually rise in the next few years.
Watanabe, Seto, Hoshi, Hagino will still be in their prime in 2020 and Ikkee will be peaking. Not to mention their hordes of male 200 freestylers, breastrokers, and backstrokers.

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