IOC Sanctions 12 athletes for failing anti-doping tests at London 2012 Olympics

Paving the way for more revelations in relation to the Russian doping crisis, the International Olympic Committee today issued a statement noting the names of 12 athletes who at London 2012 had an old-fashioned state-plan style performance-enhancing methodology in common: dehydrochlormethyltestosterone (turinabol) and stanozolol.

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Do Olympic rules allow vacating a medal without advancing another athlete to that position? Because some of the weightlifting classes are at the point where doing Tour de France- style ‘no winner that year’ is fairer than having a bronze medal roll down to a 9th or 10th place guy who was later banned from Rio for a doping positive.

The attempts by the international weightlifting federation to clean up their sport have really shown how ugly it can be when a sport bottoms out.

Craig Lord

I’d have to check the discretionary footnotes, beachmouse, but at the surface, I’d say no because the fact is that many sports, swimming included, hands medals to athletes who at some point tested positive, served time out and then made it back – precedent set on a fairly frequent basis. Woeful. Not sure what that means for the 9th lifter in London 2016, who, I understand was sent home from Rio 2016 after a positive test … what a farce!

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