Injury Ends Kylie Palmer’s Rio Olympics Campaign As Healing Time Runs Out

Kylie Palmer by Patrick B. Kraemer

Injury has ended Kylie Palmer’s campaign to qualify for the Rio 2016 Games at the end of a season of struggle in which she got caught in a pincer of wills between WADA and FINA

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Sad day indeed for Kylie. I note there is no Jacqueline Freney either 8x gold medalist from London 2012. What do your sources say about her no show, or have I just missed her in the start list? Freney has been very quiet since 2014 and her withdrawal from Commonwealth Games Swim Team. She must only be in her early 20s.


Noticed Cam McEvoy is listed in the 100 fly heats.

Serious attempt? Relay place with Magnussen/Chalmers on free? Or, most likely, a scratch just waiting to happen!


We used to have a saying that the better the swimmer, the worse they did on land-based activities. Too bad to see that proved right again in what sounds like a quite painful way.

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