Inge Dekker Greets A New Day Feeling ‘Privileged’ After Cancer Op Works Out

Inge Dekker by Patrick B. Kraemer

Dutch butterfly ace Inge Dekker has been operated successfully after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. “I am very relieved … I feel like a privileged person that I am fortunate to be healthy again.”

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An uplifting story amongst the gloom of the doping scandals.


Definitely nice to have some good news today. Sprinters often are able to make a comeback in the sport largely based on back form (see Jenny Thompson) rather than somewhat recent fitness, and as long as she keeps passing medical checks, and given the somewhat lack of depth in Dutch swimming, it would be a happy reasonable possibility to see her back in the relay pool for Rio.


First of all I am very glad for Ms Dekker and want to wish her good luck.

Now, I know this is not the right topic, but I would not know where else to post this comment. I have just read Anthony Ervin’s bio “Chasing the water dragon”, and I recommend it to everyone. I have heard in the past that Thorpe’s biography was much more compelling than your usual athlete’s book, but I ensure you, it is dull compared to Mr Ervin’s (and mr Markides’) opus! The latter is incredibly honest and a compelling reading, even if you are not into swimming, as it tells the story of a very complex person who happens to be one of the fastest swimmers on earth; however if you are into swimming, it will have an extra value for you, because it gives you a lot of insights, even of technical nature, on what it is to be an elite sprinter.

It also confirms what I always thought: that Anthony Ervin is a rara avis, a cerebral fast-twitch guy; and that he is one of the most, if not the most, naturally gifted sprinter in modern swimming.

paolo rubbiani

Nice, nice news.
Inge Dekker has already won her personal Olympics; swimming at Rio would be a great “plus”, but so happy for her.


Unless her return to competition and the strong desire to be an Olympian one more time strengthen her physically and mentally and helps her to fight the cancer I won’t approve what she is doing. She will be 31 in August. Anyway it is a time to think about other values in life rather than competitive sport. Should I were her father I would say: No! it is time to stop. The health is more valuable thing than Olympic medal, especially if the fight for it can cause physical and mental distress that can provoke the return of the cancer. My father-in-law went under special treatment that excluded any kind of disturbance to his body. Especially from the food and emotional. Under these conditions his body found internal resources to fight cancer very successful for many years. After the death of his wife everything returned back very quickly.


Luigi, is Anthony Ervin’s book available online?

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