Hungary Names Squad For Budapest World Titles: No Solo 100 Free For Németh & His 48.6

Laszlo Cseh by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hungary has selected its team for a home World Championships in Budapest this July in the midst of a qualification period that stretches back to March 1 last year, includes the national championships just ended in Debrecen, and is not over until July 5 in cases where two have not yet made the cut for any particular event. The squad includes 17-year-old Nándor Németh, who clocked a national record of 48.6 in the 100m freestyle but he will only race the 4x100m relays in Budapest and is not listed for the 4x200m, even though he finished on the podium in Debrecen: his solo mission is longer-term and her will race with age peers at the World Junior Championships in Indianapolis in August.

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Barnabas Mandi

The best thing is that Hungary will have at least one swimmer in all the individual events and a team in every relay for the first time. Csaba Sós said at the end of the nationals that they discussed the team with the coaches and as you also wrote e.g at the moment for Nándor Németh is more important the European and World Junior Championships, than the Worlds in Budapest. Otherwise this new NR time which is quite an achivement for especially a youngster wouldn’t be enough for the final in Budapest.


On the other hand, I feel like it’s never a bad idea for a promising junior to stretch a bit and race at the highest level, as long as expectations are realistic. Give Nemeth the 100 free prelims swim, let him have the Worlds individual experience with low pressure and the idea he’s doing well if he makes the semis, and use it as a building block for further senior success.

Barnabas Mandi

Beachmouse, you are right too, but it’s not so easy to be on the peak three times in two months. I think the coaches know the best about the capability of Nándor.

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