How Doubt, Fear & Loathing Have Played A Part In The Rise & Rise Of Adam Peaty

Adam Peaty in Berlin on his way to a second senior international title of the year [Photo by Patrick B. Kraemer]

Adam Peaty added the European 100m breaststroke crown to his Commonwealth title yesterday. On the way to Berlin, SwimVortex caught up with the sprinter and his coach Mel Marshall to find out how it all began

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Inspiring article.

Roger Mc Monagle

What a fine young man Adam is. A credit to himself, his family and his coaching team. Goes to show no matter how talented you are ,to reach the top is all about hard work and dedication. 10% talent 90% hard work. Nobody reaches the pinnacle of global sport without the hard work. The old adage of medals are won in the training pool and are collected at the gala is not a cliche for nothing. Good luck to Adam on his world and Olympic quest over the next 2 years.

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