How AUS Vs Michal Zawadka Doping Case Tells China & Russia: You’re Soft On Cheats

Australia has imposed a four-year suspension on a Polish swimmer in the first test of a new approach to tackling the use of banned substances by any training Down Under since the Sun Yang* case in 2014 sparked a change of rules. By slapping Michal Zawadka* (POL) with a maximum four-year ban for a Clenbuterol and Methylhexaneamine positive on September 11 last year, Asada, the national anti-doping agency of Australia, and FINA have sent a strong message to China and Russia: ‘your warnings for the same type of offences are soft and unserious’

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I find it staggering that there are not simple doping rules that apply to everyone no matter what sport, country etc. KRB aquatics, is Rose Bay on Sydney Harbour.

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