Hoshi Books Olympic Return But Watanabe Blocked On Day Of Teenage Tickets To Rio

Natsumi Hoshi - by Patrick. B. Kraemer

It was women’s day at Japanese Championships at the Tatsumi International Pool in Tokyo today – and while Natsumi Hoshi stood her ground for a return to Olympic waters four years after the London 2012 podium and 15-year-old Suzuka Hasegawa and 14-year-old Natsumi Sakai booked tickets to Rio, too, there was upset in the 200m medley when world-titles silver medallist Kanako Watanabe found herself locked out in third, 15-year-old Runa Imai a fraction ahead of her.

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I feel that Watanabe may not be full-peaked for this Japanese trials.
As defending champion in 200 breast, her spot in the Japanese team for 200 breast in Rio is guaranteed, just like Seto in 400 IM.

It could have been a miscalculation and underestimating her domestic competition in 200 IM.
Oh well, c’est la vie, although not everyday a world silver medalist couldn’t go through their national qualifying trials.
This opens up further minor medals battle for anyone not named Hosszu.

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