History For Singapore’s Joseph Schooling (50.39) In 100 Fly & Crowded Podium Party

Joe Schooling - the next man and the last one to stop Michael Phelps - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Joseph Schooling made history by winning Singapore’s first Olympic swimming medal with a victory in the 100 fly, where Michael Phelps, Chad Le Clos and Laszlo Cseh made for the first three-way medal tie, equaling for silver.

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When Phelps made his comeback, I’d bet house and farms that Phelps would win 100 fly but not 200 fly – his age blah blah..

Rio is turned my prediction upside down.

Phelps-Cseh-Le Clos three way. You cannot make this up. even if you try.


Those clicking sounds you heard is thousands of Singapore girls tweeting dating and marriage proposals to Joe.

Those beep sounds you heard is thousands of missed calls and text messages left on Joe’s parents cellphone from hundreds of Singapore companies asking if Joe is going pro now.

Bad Anon

Journalists really have a way with words… “Phelps got some schooling in the 100fly”.
Absolutely sensational

Barnabas Mandi

106 years on the podium, not 85 as we thought 🙂

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