Hannah Miley Returns To Olympic Waters On 4:33 In 400IM In Glasgow Golden Lane

Hannah Miley on her way to victory and a Rio ticket in Glasgow today - by Ian MacNicol

You could almost hear the echo and spirit of a home Glasgow 2014 crowd as Hannah Miley raced in the waters of the same lane 4 in which she retained the Commonwealth crown to an Olympic ticket to the 400m medley battle in 4:33.40

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The automatic qualification time is irrelevant for Willmott – it’s only for event winners.


Great for Ms. Miley. She was awesome in Glasgow in 2014. I hope she can improve a bit her butterfly, and be not so far behind after the first 100m. I also hope that Ms. Willmott makes it to the team. It’s an incredibly difficult race, and they both have formidable competition, but we really need alternatives to Ms. Hozzsu, Ms. Dirado, Ms. Beisel, Ms. Belmonte, and Ms. Ye.

Craig Lord

It isn’t entirely irrelevant, Iain: it offers a rough guide to an aspect of a selection policy that leaves everyone confused, including, most importantly, the athletes (some tweeting today they’d made it, when in fact they have not. Not a good place to put them. Yes, the precise time for the winner is not the base – the base is harder still, Iain (table 1, table 2 is harder still…: table 2 is the base from which percentages are worked out. So, if 10 swimmers are within 2%, the nearest to the base will go, the further away may not, according to the BOA numbers limit. And all of that is beyond the interest of most readers, whose eyes will doubtless glaze over at the complexity of it all. I have enough to do without explaining complex rules that are themselves something of an irrelevance come the BOA chop rules: those who set such targets can tell us all who they’ve selected – and if there’s reason to think they got it wrong, we’ll doubtless all let them know. Meanwhile, for those who want to soak themselves in it, there are two links in the Britain trials articles that open the selection policy pdf.

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