Guy Takes A Brace As Sjostrom Sets Meet Marks Faster Than Olympic Gold Pace

Sarah Sjostrom - courtesy of Arena

Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom and Britain’s James Guy topped the bill with a brace of victories apiece as the Monaco round of the Mare Nostrum Tour came to a close. For Sjostrom, a 52.60 in the 100m freestyle and a 23.95 win in the Speedo Tournament over 50m freestyle set meet records inside the pace it took for Olympic gold in both events at Rio 2016. Sjostrom took a third win that was no less spectacular: 24.90 over 50 ‘fly.

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I’m sure Em would be perfectly delirious if, indeed, she DID have a string of sub 58sec 100 backs, LOL !!

She does seem to be looking back in reasonable shape/form this year. Must still be seen as a factor in that race in Budapest even though its looking like the next generation are looking to launch a major take-over bid.

Barring illness/injury, or something completely inhuman at US Nats, Sjostrom looks a mighty sound bet for W100free. C2 could play for minor coin but big sister …… hard to know what she’s actually doing this year given her utterances then her performances

Craig Lord

Sjostrom looking like a shot at more than that, CW: 50 and 100 free and ‘fly … never done before.


Yup, hard to go past her for 4 golds. The only competition I’m seeing so far is maybe Blume in 50fs but no SWE FS relays will certainly be to Sjostrom’s benefit. Hell, she’s a class act, has been one for some years …. wouldn’t hear any complaints from me if she pulls it off.

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