Groves’ lawyer says missed test charge must fall owing to lack of effort to locate her

Madeline Groves, Olympic silver at Rio 2016 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The lawyer for Olympic silver medallist Madeline Groves is moving to have allegations of a missed drugs test dismissed, claiming that FINA testers did not follow the correct procedure when they attempted to locate the Australian in San Diego.

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Predicted that the Armistead Defence would be the likely option given it’s track record.

As to whether they can make it work in either or both cases remains to be seen as whilst Mr Fuller provides some plausible grounds in the Groves case; he also exposes a key weakness in the defence. Namely, the reference to her AUS coach’s number …… when the fact is that she was NOT training with him at that time but rather with a US squad. This exposes them to the question of them NOT providing correct or updated data to the testers.

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