Groves, Fraser-Holmes & Poort Face Fight Against bans for Missed Anti-Doping Tests

Madeline Groves, courtesy of Swimming Australia

Australian Olympic silver medallist Madeline Groves and national teammates Tom Fraser-Holmes and Jarrod Poort are facing a two-year ban after missing three out-of-competition doping tests within a one-year period, according to The Daily Telegraph Down Under.

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Mr. Lawyer, if they were, “targeted” it was because they put themselves in a totally avoidable situation that they had full control over and full responsibility for. I can’t understand why an athlete would allow this situation to occur. However, I would have doubts that FINA would be that proactive in this regard; they haven’t exactly been too bothered about anti-doping, have they? If bans do occur, it will very disappointing that it would have happened this way, through the athletes own carelessness that in turn would tarnish their reputations.

Craig Lord

Indeed, Ger


Agree with Ger that Mr Lawyer sounds more like Mr Publicist; the “targetted” claim is pure bovine byproduct !!

Unforseen circumstances that may bring about an inadverted “miss” will always occur but these are “one offs” and they do NOT “can” you for one offs but rather repeat infractions within a set period of time. Messrs Fraser-Holmes, Poort & Mdm Groves placed themselves in this position through their own carelessness.

Is there a case for review of such out of competition testing procedures and what efforts must be made by sportspersons to provide due notice of wherabouts and what efforts testers must make to confirm non-attendance ?? Certainly, but all three transgressors are ALL experienced internationals and ignorance is no excuse.
Its up to them to present due proof that any of the previous missed tests were not due to actions (or lack thereof) on their part but rather on the part of the testers.

Is 2 years a just sentence bearing in light the sentences handed down (or not handed down) for actual doping infractions ; arguably not but nor should there be slaps on the wrists. If this conduct is indicative of a general attitude within the AUS swimming community then the riot act needs to be read.

Barnabas Mandi

Anything can be happened anywhere. E.g let’s see the story of Michael Dimond.


Unfortunately if you live by the sword etc… The actions are in a nutshell stupidity. The individuals involved should know better and must accept that they have been trained, briefed and absolutely know the consequences. Perhaps those in SAL with keeping an eye on these things could also take some responsibility for the matter but in the end the swimmer will face the penalty.
The attitude is disappointing but when the actions of the president of SAL in the recent AOC elections are considered i guess the ethic of the organisation as a whole needs to be changed.
But of course that happened already in 2012 didn’t it post London. A good tack record since then???

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