Great Day Out at ‘SWimbledon’: The Dawn Of A Golden Era For Professional Swimmers?

New Vision - photo by Patrick B. Kraemer

Roll-up, roll-up. The Pro-Swim Classic is born. Some have dubbed it Swimbledon: swimming’s attempt to create a race-for-wages series that doesn’t clash with the sport’s premium showcases at the Olympic Games and World Championships and hands swimmers control of their own destinies at the start of a new professional era in the pool. The following is an editorial and fictional account of where swimmers might dream about swimming to

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Obviously a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes. Every swimming fan hopes the advent of a new format with a more professional outlook will better showcase the sport and provide better earnings opportunities for those who matter the most – the swimmers.

It was said the international federation had agreed to the staging of the LC World Championships every four years in the middle of the Olympic cycle. Presumably this means the WSA. But when will it be – 2018, 2022? I was also a bit confused by the reference to the continental championships also being held every four years, in years 2 and 4 of the Olympic cycle. What does this mean in terms of timing? I would have thought there was merit in having the Pan Pacific and European Championships once every two years ie. in non-Olympic/World Championship years. The acid test will be whether the major federations would agree to such a format and agree to send their strongest teams to a World Championships under the auspices of the WSA.

There was a rallying cry for the swimmers to take control of their destiny. Those who really care about the sport hope they do because only then will the federations consider throwing their lot behind the WSA. If the federations of the USA and Australia back it then FINA will be on its death knell. If Japan, Canada, Great Britain and a few other European countries also add their support then FINA will be just a shell with some tens of millions of euros in the bank and then there’ll be an almighty bun-fight about where this money should ultimately go.

clive rushton

Excellent vision and great description. Now we have to make it happen.

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