Great Britain Selects team Of 29 For Budapest World Championships In July

James Guy The Man, at 19 a world champion - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Great Britain has selected a team of 29 for the World Championships in Budapest this July. Olympic Champion Adam Peaty and Olympic medallists Jazz Carlin, Siobhan-Marie O’Connor, James Guy, Duncan Scott, Stephen Milne and Chris Walker-Hebborn all made the selectors’ cut and will be joined by a group of emerging younger swimmers with some making their senior international debut

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Furniss & co have, most certainly, availed themselves of the maximum flexibility available to them but this is probably the best opportunity in the Olympic cycle to do so and for the most part, they all look “defensible” calls.

Only 3 relays appear to have been selected; na mely M4X200, M4XMED & W4XMED but of these three the 2 men’s relays look safe medal bets at minimum. As regards the non-selected relays; again a fair call as there was just not the depth of people swimming internationally competitive times to remotely justify them

Craig Lord

Yes, CW … the 3 relays not there did not make the time cut


With teally tough automatic qualifying times mixed with consideration times and wildcards it’s obvious the system is designed to give the national performance director and head coach very wide discretion. It looks like they exercised it reasons ably well. Still one has to ask the question: can we call what took place in Sheffield a true national trials when so much is left up to the judgement of those in charge?

David Brooks

It’s a well selected team, I would say. I think perhaps they could have taken Adam Barrett as cover for the fly in the relay as Guy will be busy. I am not sure GB can afford to rest both Guy and Scott in the 4×2 heats.
Will be interesting to see if Freya Anderson also goes to the World or Euro juniors.


Think they’d qualify for the final OK resting both Guy & Scott but potentially at the expense of grabbing a central lane as it potentially looks somewhat of a rugby scrum behind them with the likes of RUS, JAP, AUS & CHN.

From what I can gather there are some schedule clashes for Guy with the 2 fly events. The 100 appears a certain non-starter; not sure about the 200.

Craig Lord

CW – he might not swim the solo fly events.

Craig Lord

Trials they were, longstroke, just not sudden death, so to speak … judgement beyond the results that made the grade as stated spilling to 6 swimmers, one a proven source of senior success at the end of a long journey.


I actually liked the format of the finals sessions with the splits into junior, Tokyo Target then senior; each no doubt with differing benchmarks to be met but if someone in the earlier races absolutely “smashed it” then it shows up in the overall composite times for the event. Perhaps a similar structure can be adapted and used elsewhere ?

Craig Lord

Yes, I think it works well, too, CW

David Brooks

CW, you are right that they should qualify without Scott and Guy, but it would leave them vulnerable if one of the heat swimmers is off form.

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