Grant Hackett On His Trail-Of-Tears Transition To A Life More Ordinary

Grant Hackett, an Olympic champion who has struggled with the transition to a life more ordinary - courtesy of Swimming Australia

The transition from superstar swimmer to a life more ordinary has long presented a struggle for those who live much of their youths pinned to the dedication and discipline it takes to claim Olympic gold. The bigger the success rate, the louder the fall seems to resonate. Just ask Grant Hackett as he tells a radio show: ““Once I was released with that I didn’t know where I was at with my family and I just went to a hotel for four or five days. I wasn’t in a good space, I was deep down in that ditch and hit rock bottom. When I got arrested I thought, ‘This is it, I’ve had enough of this’ (it’s time to get help). I get anxiety, I haven’t handled the past few years very well in bits and pieces. Ever since I went thought that divorce and all the publicity that followed.”

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