Grant Hackett: “Deep Sense of Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Regret, I Am So Sorry”

Grant Hackett - apology after incident flagged up behavioural issues [Image, Swimming Australia video still]

Grant Hackett has issued a public apology for a drunken incident on a flight home from the Australian Olympic swim trials earlier this month: “I have to live with that. It is very difficult. A deep sense of shame, guilt, embarrassment, of regret, I am so sorry for my actions and the people it has impacted.”

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I have no sympathy for Hackett, that video of him coming off the plane was embarrassing for everyone involved in swimming especially the Olympic team named the day before which had done so well to restore their name within the media. He obviously has no life outside of the swimming pool which is sad for him but he needs to stay far away from the national team before he does any more damage.

Craig Lord

Yes felixdp on the last point. He’s in no place to be mentoring anyone. He needs to work on that for himself first.


Well, at least he is admitting he did wrong and is taking steps to get help. I’m a huge fan of Hackett the swimmer, but seems like he needs to get his act together on land. Hope he is able to do so and wish him the best.

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