Midas Man Le Clos Matches His Hero’s Achievement

Chad Le Clos added World to Olympic crown over 200 'fly this year [photo: Aniko Kovacs]

South Africa’s Chad Le Clos picked up where Michael Phelps left off two years ago in Shanghai, winning the 100 butterfly to go along with his earlier gold medal in the 200 fly. Having formed a bond with Phelps in London, Le Clos is the clear heir to his sporting hero in the butterfly.

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It’s good that the time was down to 51.06 at least, as the event does look to be in a bit of recession compared to the glory days of the Phelps/Crocker rivalry. It is also a bit sad though – with no disrespect to the guys involved – that it’s two middle distance specialist in first and second ( and Lochte as fastest qualifier). Phelps’ brilliance obscured the fact that it used to be just him able to come down from longer and events and race a complete new set of swimmers in the 100 final, but for some reason the speed men haven’t been there since the suits. I’d like to see a couple more sprinters like Czerniak or Korotyshkin get under that 51 barrier.

Lennart van Haaften

Good point, a new Cavic is needed. A new Crocker is probably too much to ask for.

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