Golden Finale For Michael Phelps Takes Him To 23 Golds & 28 Medals

(L-R) Nathan ADRIAN, Michael PHELPS, Ryan MURPHY and Cody MILLER of the United States of America (USA) pose with their Gold medals after winning in the men's 4x100m Medley Relay Final

Michael Phelps closed out the Rio Olympics and a career that stands in a pantheon of its own in the only way imaginable: with victory in the 4x100m medley relay with United States teammates who helped to grant the most decorated Olympic in history the 23rd gold of his career for 28 medals in all from…

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Phelps split was a second faster than Guy’s, hardly stroke for stroke.
Peaty is just terrifying. I’m hiding behind the sofa the next time he swims for fear he’ll break through the TV screen and flood the house. Miller’s split was a bit slow, slower than his individual swim; intimidated maybe.
This time round, Phelps went out on his terms, put in the work and got the rewards; no lingering disappointments like London to haunt his thoughts.
51.85 WR. Great swim.

Craig Lord

The stroke for stroke was a genuine observation Ger. Phelps caught up the deficit very soon after chasing Guy… but then they did indeed race stroke for stroke almost all the way into the wall, Guy losing a touch in the closing 7m. The splits are not something to go on in that sense.


Fair point Craig.


what happened with Walker-Hebborn, I remember his PB is 52,9 from a year or even two ago, he hasn’t been close to that.

Craig Lord

ITR, he struggled with form last year and then this year his father contracted cancer – Chris spoke about the impact of that but there hasn’t been an opportunity to write about it as yet.

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