German Olympic Athlete Leaders Call For Professional & Legal Status In Sport

Marco Koch, World champion in 2015 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The Athletes’ Commission of the German Olympic Committee (DOSB) have laid out a set of demands that not only call for the stars of the show – the swimmers, runners and so on – to have a much bigger say in the way their world is run but have their professional status enshrined in law and the structure of sports federations in a way that means little can happen without their official input.

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Steve Levy

Nice Craig.

I’m in the process, along with my global peers, of creating the first-ever global association of recruiting professionals ( Having chaired the Governance Committee – and being “chlorinated” – I’m happy to share our structure, strategy, and goals, if needed, with anyone in the swimming community who wants to slay the Dragon of Drugs. LMK…

Craig Lord

🙂 good offer – look forward to hearing more about it, Steve

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