G.O.A.T. Drops Curtain On Rivalry With Ryan Lochte With Golden Show In 200 Medley

Michael Phelps - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The rivalry between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte came to a close in Rio, the G.O.A.T capturing the gold medal in the 200 medley in 1:54.66, Lochte locked out of the medals.

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Boring, really.

Craig Lord

I think you were right the first time, Breizh – more Boeing (in the bin) than boring … the thing is the world is full of the inevitable – like the sunrise, a full moon, the ebb and flow of oceans, the migration and the birth of a child. Everyone of them inevitable – and stunning. If you’re bored, I suggest you go off and put your energy into something you find more thrilling.


Not boring, extraordinary; an incredible, incredible achievement.

Alex Mason

For me, the 200 IM win by Phelps is the defining swim by him this meet.

I know the 200 Fly was the one he wanted and precise technique came through to pip the finish on that one. But that race could have so easily seen him out of the medals had his hands been just a little out of sync.

That 200 IM though…. absolutely crushing victory. 2 second margin, literally pulled out of his arse on the last lap. What? Just like a fast and the furious movie where Vin Diesel reaches down for the shifter and finds yet another gear (after shifting at least 26 times) and one that no one else had an answer for.

To be 31 years old and still roar away from the field on the last length is just awesome. And to win it for the 4 th time in a row, even more so.

He just defies belief time and again.

Alex Mason

Shame about Lochte though. Not sure if he’s having a poor meet, had poor prep or he’s just out of steam now. No longer seems to have the reserves to keep the raw pace going and has looked lethargic in the final moments of all his swims.


Lochte is 32, he has a lot of mileage in that body. I was actually surprised he could still swim 1:45 200 free.

While Phelps is just an alien. The most competitive alien on earth.


Amazing for Phelps.. will he really retired now? It seems Locthe might take some time off.. might even retire

Phelps is a whole other thing, at 31 still swimming like that.. will he keep that until 35?

As Brazilian, feeling bad for Pereira, had he swam his normal race instead of attacking Phelps he would have got a Silver for sure..

Blah Blah

Did anyone else (in US) notice NBC got so excited they forgot to show the times for the 200 IM?


Rafael, I agree with you re: Pereira.
It could be that the huge cheers from the crowd pumped him up and made him forgot about is own race plan. t was crazy how he attacked the race so hard from the beginning a la Le Clos.

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