Franklin Makes Day of New Jersey Fourth-Grade Student

Missy Franklin [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

Missy Franklin might be one of the most talented swimmers on the planet, but she also is a gold medalist when it comes to class, inspiration, kindness and generosity. For proof, read about her gesture toward a New Jersey fourth-grader.

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Thank you for this wonderful article! There is a transcendence about the Franklin family: utterly grounded, and tremendously gifted, graced to encourage the next generation at the heart level. I timed at a meet with an age grouper who, because of her mom’s position with a charity, spent a day with Missy last year. As we timed, she related the was Missy was personally interested in her, asking questions, and was very encouraging. More recently, I commented on a post in Missy’s Facebook page. D.A. responded personally to me as though I were a friend of the family.

The Franklin family have a strong spiritual foundation. It looks from here they are not just talkin’ the talk, they are being graced with a world stage to “walk the walk” of Love in action.

Clive Rushton

Words fail me. Except, maybe, wonderful. No, that’s not enough.

Stephen Marcus

great stories like this that will inspire people to get out into the pool! Super

Bryan Ramona


That’s a terrific article and great account of two exceptional young women. As a proud Cal alum, after a miserable football season jaded us all, it’s fantastic to see the impact Missy is making both in and out of the pool. As a long-time Delaware County resident, I’m sad to read this, only because I miss reading this caliber of work in the Delco Daily Times! Best of luck in your future endeavors helping mold young people into exceptional adults there in the shadow of the Big Apple!

Moving Liquid

That was beautiful. I’m so grateful you shared this event with us.

Bill Bell

Lily, hang in there and make that dream come true. Like the man sez: “Ya gotta believe!” The “Miracle Mets” did it. You can to.


Thank you for this wonderful story, John!

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