Fran Halsall Shows Sprinting Spirit With Dashing 24.23; Sarah Sjostrom 1:55.4 In 200m

Fran Halsall (GBR) - courtesy of arena

A month out from Britain’s Olympic trials and Fran Halsall, joint fastest woman ever to swim unassisted in a long-course pool, has shown her sprinter’s colours: 24.23 for the win over a 24.53 from Sarah Sjostrom in the curtain-closing session of true Marseille round of the Golden Tour in France.

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Hhmm, those who’d written off Halsall after 2015 may need to recalibrate their thinking.

It will be interesting to see what times C1&2 may post at AUS Trials but other than them; Sjostrom & probably Kromowidjojo look the only other likely candidates to swim inside this team (AVW an outside chance).

To those American’s who’ve been messing their undies over Weitzell’s SCY record; all I will respond with is …… this, my friends, is the real world !

This event was surprisingly slow last year; I agree with Craig that 24flat or better will most likely be needed to walk away with any kind of coin in Rio.


I know I’ve said it before, but this really is a wonderful time to be a fan of women’s swimming. Rio should be such a fun event to watch with the quality levels higher than they’ve ever been in pretty much every event.


FYI. Weitzeil just swam 53.77. Second pb within one and a half month. And she isn’t tapered yet.. Two Americans are already under 54 this season and they will be joined by Manuel soon. All these girls are 19yo. American relay team is getting stronger and stronger.
Agree with beachmouse that women swimming is more exciting nowadays.


Yeah, based on recent results, women’s events in Rio may turn out to be higher in quality than any previous olympics/worlds in pretty much all events.

I just hope that the midnight finals will not negatively impact the times. And I hope that winner(s) of w200 fly will at least swim 2:03 low or mid. That event needs a lift.


If Sjostrom medals in 50 free, 100 fly and 200 free, she will be the first female swimmer to have won medals across the three distances (50-100-200) in Olympics.

Craig Lord

Solo, yes, aswimfan… Britta Steffen 50, 100 gold, 4×200 bronze.

Bo Hulten


No 5 – 1.56.07 Michelle Coleman SWE – 2016 Miami Super Challenge

Craig Lord

Switch flicked to green, Bo, thanks (time was there all along… database, not hand-written list 🙂

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