Fran Halsall Retains Back Crown In Victory Of Pure Sprinter Over Specialists: 27.57CR

Fran Halsall of Great Britain by Patrick B. Kraemer

European Championships London, Day 6 Finals The pure sprinter pipped the specialists once more: Fran Halsall retained the crown in a Championship and English record of 27.57 over 100m champion Mie Nielsen (DEN), 27.77, the winner’s teammate and Commonwealth dash champion for Wales Georgia Davies on 27.87 to grant the hosts bronze and a second…

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I have to be honest, watching this made me chuckle, the same way when watching Manadou winning 50 back at SC worlds. I’m just glad there’s no 50 strokes at the olympics although I don’t mind them at world championships.

Felix Sanchez

Nielsen rather shown up at the start. Her S&Ts are not as good as Rio rivals.

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