Four In Four Golds For Ledecky & An 8:13.86 WR

Katie Ledecky soaks in the world-record as Lotte Friis delights in her fine part in history [photo: Patrick Kraemer]

Having learned what fun a game of cat and mouse can be in an epic 1500m battle with phenomenal pace-setter Lotte Friis (DEN), Katie Ledecky (USA) played t on her way to an 8:13.86 world record over 800m freestyle that matched the pace of Tim Shaw in 1975. Victory granted Ledecky a fourth gold in four finals at the 15th world Championships

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dave m

great race

Lane Four

Wow. Such a great great article. I loved it.

Mike in Dallas

With such a young swimmer doing so well, who doubts that TEAM USA will be AWESOME in Rio 2016?!!!!!!!


I’d rate her as the swimmer of the meet. More relay suitability will give Franklin more hardware, but they’re tied for three individual golds, and Ledecky has produced three historic times.



Agreed, it’s possible to win any number of golds provided fields are weak enough relative to the winner, plus being lucky to be in a strong relay nation (medals of which I personally don’t count in athlete’s totals). Franklin’s times, whilst very solid, aren’t quite as impressive as Ledecky’s; last years’ Muffat would’ve beaten her in the 200 for example, to say nothing of Allison Schmitt.

Katie’s performances top all other champions in history (discounting supersuited Pellegrini), so how can anybody rate Missy above her here?

PS. Nothing against MF, she’s a phenomenal athlete and a breath of fresh air, but…. the times don’t lie 🙂


The really interesting question here is why is British Swimming is doing even worse than ever before? The talk about late trials verses early trials is clearly a red herring. Also, forget about total number of medals but focus on number of swimmers who get medals. The fact is that, on average, coaches in the UK do not seem to understand the individual tapering needs of their athletes. For example, unless Jazz Carlin is ill, her performance is among the biggest misses of all time. As for why she should try and stretch from 10K to 400m, when she is no Ledecky, and you have to question the judgement of her mentors. On top of that, we appear to have very little top talent in any case compared to even Hungary and France. Genetically there cannot be much difference. The system is clearly at fault so the top man, David Sparkes, should do the decent thing and let someone else have a go.


Michael, they seem almost traumatised by their failures in London, with their top talents retiring or falling off the cliff. Their review was clearly a headline grabbing farce; the timing of trials decision was so ad hoc: America are good, what do they do? Not backed up by any genuine analysis. The continuance of Sparkes is beyond belief.


A correction from a Kiwi, that is Lauren Boyle’s third individual medal. 400, 800, 1500.

Craig Lord

Thanks for the alert

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