Focus On Ma’s ‘Abused’ Army Stirs Ghosts Of Swimming’s GDR-China Doping Crisis

The GDR, The report from Kreischa, the IOC-accredited lab and [inset] Yuan Yuan, the victim of abuse who was never heard of again

The IAAF, FINA’s track and field cousin, is to hold an inquiry into a letter by a world-record holder and member of “Ma’s Army” in which she is alleged to have written “It is true that coach Ma beat us, abused us sexually and … it is also true that he coerced or forced us to use large amounts of banned substances.” If authentic, world records will fall, suggests the IAAF. That would test FINA’s resolve at the start of a new era of toughness on doping and shiny transparency in the boardroom, with documents out there in the world that show Otto, Friedrich and others tested positive for banned substances at an IOC-accredited lab

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clive rushton

Keep plugging away, Craig.

Eventually the wall will fall.


I find it difficult to look at any Chinese athlete who demonstrates a high level of performance without wondering how they attained it.


The other side of the equation is that their government doesn’t care how many lives they destroy on the pathway to sporting glory. Gymnastics and diving are horrible there- the children from ‘sport kindergartens’ get pushed into a horribly abusive system that doesn’t seem to mind that they destroy the bodies of ten girls under the age of 12 for every star that makes it to the state/provincial level.

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