Florent Manaudou & Clément Mignon Scream Back From Home Pool: 48.00; 48.38

French fury: Florent Manaudou - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The French threat just deepened: Florent Manaudou, a 48.00 response to Olympic champion Nathan Adrian, followed by Marseille teammate Clément Mignon on 48.38. The two-lap world ranks took a shuffling in the last race of the Golden Tour in the sprinters’ home pool today

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Alexander Alexander

It smells like gold in Rio in the 4 x 100 m for Les Blues 🙂

Craig Lord

Certainly does, Alex A – though much is yet to be revealed… 🙂

Felix Sanchez

Right now I feel 55% France, 45% the field for the Rio 4×100.

paolo rubbiani

France is very strong because has at least 6 strong options to choose the best 4 at the right moment.
The real news of this season is the solid improvements by Mignon.
With Manaudou a lock, Stravius a specialist of the relay (anchor-leg for him?), France may choose among Mignon, Metella, Gilot and Agnel.., not bad indeed, but, at the end, will count who will perform greatly at Rio and the depth of a team couldn’t be enough if we’ll have some astonishing performances like Lezak at Beijing or Agnel at London..
Everything must still be written..


Is it not incredible that France can already say with confidence to have 4 people in its ranks capable of producing sub-48 splits (in at least one case, from a flat start) and the US right now can not, with its huge swimming population? I mean, Feigen, Phelps, even Ervin have swam sub 48 splits in their career, but they are not swimming fast lately.

And I said sub-48, but I believe Gilot has swum a 46 flying start split in textile …


If everyone swims according to their potential and no one DQs, the men 4×100 will be absolutely spectacular and THE EVENT to watch.


That is the biggest if, everyone swimming to their potential. Australia, Brazil has a huge history of NOT, and US is a incognita right now.

Italy I still don´t know what to make of their real strenght, but potentially we could have a race where 6 finalists could be contending to medal..


Right now. France has the upside.But I think the scenario can change radically in some months.With Magnussen again in the 48’s, there is a chance Australia will have 3 guys in 47 range(McEvoy,Chambers and Magnussen).If Roberts can deliver a 48 mid, they will have a very strong one.


Italy? Very good at timing exchanges, and not much else. Orsi the only one with real speed right now. Not remotely a medal contender unless some of the juniors drops a bomb at the trials.

paolo rubbiani

About Italy, Luigi is like Commonwombat vs Australia 🙂
The “dream team” would be Dotto, Orsi, Leonardi, Magnini (in this order considering the characteristics of every swimmer), Miressi the most promising Junior. At their best, a good/great relay, potential medalist. The issue is the usual: if everyone will perform at his best (above all if Leonardi may swim like at European Champs2014 in Berlin). We’ll see at mid-April, at Italian first selection, what will happen.


Not at all, Paolo. Commonwombat is the kind of guy who sees a 47.5 by McEvoy and writes “Yes, but … “. The day I see even just a 47.99 by any of our swimmers I will sing Hallelujah.
Australia has the silver medalist in the last WC and a back-to-back gold medalist in 2011 and 2013. We have nothing of the kind. Magnini is well past his prime, Dotto has done nothing significant after 2011, Leonardi has been brilliant in just the occasion you mentioned. Orsi has swam a 48.1 last year which is very promising, but he is mostly a 50 sprinter.
Potential medalist? Only if at least one major team DQs or, as I said, one of the juniors blossoms at trials.


I’m amazed that Magnini is still swimming (and is as fast as he ever was). It helps that his events are sprint with bigger relay chances as well.


“As fast as he ever was”. Not exactly so, Aswimfan. Magnini is known to have produced at least one 48” swim every year of his career since 2004, but while in 2005 he swam 48.12, which at the time was the second fastest time ever clocked (and that, with a messy finish!), now he is usually found on the tall end of the 48s or in the 49s. Still, he is incredibly solid for a guy his age. Maybe starting out very late was an advantage for him.



He split 47.5 in Kazan relay final. Adding the RT, you’d get 48low.
Granted, the dynamics of relay (especially anchor) is different from individual swim, but his fast split is critical for Italy to medal in the sprint relay.
Magnini anchored Italy to 4×100 bronze in Kazan, 11 years removed from anchoring Italy’s 4×200 to bronze in Athens.

paolo rubbiani

Too rationalist/pessimist 🙂 Luigi, remember what Yozhik wrote aboute swimming fans..
In a serious mode, obviously some uneasy factors must happen together to materialize Italy’s chances: a lead-off from Dotto at 47 high, i.e. his PB (anyway Dotto is showing positive signs in this season), a great second leg from Orsi at 47 very, very low (already happened), a 47 high third leg from Leonardi in a 2014 shape (or a fast-rising Miressi), and a final career’s masterpiece of Magnini to anchor at 47 low.
3.10 is enough for a medal? Possible…, now the dream has just to become true 🙂


Yes, he split 47.55 with an RT of 0.08, to me that is a 48-mid, but it WAS a good performance. He is a relay swimmer, no doubt about that. Him and Orsi, both.
But in Kazan there were as many as TWO prominent teams missing in the final. You don’t get that kind of luxury at the Olympics.


“A lead-off from Dotto at 47 high, i.e. his PB”. That would be a 25” (at least, i.e. if we are talking 47.99) improvement on his current PB. It’s a lot for a 26 year old guy who has peaked in 2011 when he was 21 and who anyway has always been more of a 50 sprinter.

I hope you are not a betting man, Paolo 😀

paolo rubbiani

Never said that the scenario described upon is the most likely (so I am not going to bet about it 🙂 ), only that it isn’t impossible.
Anyway I disagree about Dotto: in my opinion the 100 free is the distance where he may perform at least at the same level or even better than the 50 free. He suffered back injuries after 2011: now she seems healthy and swimming well.
So, why not hoping the best for him and team Italy? 🙂
At Riccione, mid-April, we’ll have some answers.

paolo rubbiani

Edit: now HE seems healthy and swimming well.

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