FINA To Set World Best Standards For Mixed Relays

[Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

FINA has confirmed that it is to establish World Best standard times, in accordance with tradition, for each of the new mixed relay events approved by the international federation at Congress during the World Championships in Barcelona back in July; the first quartets past that post will be the first world-record holders.

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party poopers 🙁

Craig Lord

🙂 … but not quite … having your name on the world-record books should mean that you were the best of the moment and that wouldn’t be true for 2013 for those ‘new’ events without standard times


It’s not nice FINA, when you don’t say anything about this standard before, but then you change your mind after someones try to make the record. You say: “There’s a standard time you must break before you can call yourself a world record holder(s)”.

I remember, IWF (International Weightlifting Federation)set the “World Record Standard”, after they change the weightclasses in 1993 and then 1998. There’s still world record standards (without the record holder) exist until 2002.
But IWF announce that standard before. So it’s clearly fair for the athletes.

But this FINA moves to set the standard long after they announce that the mixed relays record recognition will begin on September 23, 2013, is really irritating and unfair for me.
So FINA, think carefully before you make any decision. Don’t make silly decision again.

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