FINA: Really? Thai Swimmer – 4 Years; Russian Polo Player – 1 Year, Same Offence, Plus

One rule for them, another for the others: cases sit side by side on the FINA website - same substance, very different penalty: Thai guy gets 4 years; Russian polo player, 1 year.

Are Russia and FINA serious about anti-doping? You decide. May last year was when Nuttapong Ketin (THA) tested positive to the prohibited substance Clenbuterol (Class S.1.2 Other Anabolic Agents); same month and Ivan Suchkov (RUS) tested positive for the same substance plus Fenoterol (Class S.3 Beta 2-Agonists). Suspensions: Thai swimmer: 4 years; Russian polo player, 1 year

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This is totally not right, the penalties have to be consistent and fair, just ban them all for life, if they have done it once they will do it again, and there will always be a question mark hanging over them for the rest of their careers, what is more worrying is the drugs that can not be detected that people are using and getting away with!

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