FINA In Hot Water As Fran Crippen’s Coach Asks How Wong Could Get It So Wrong

Photo: Fran Crippen died in a FINA world cup event in 2010; upper limits on water temperatures were imposed for races after two inquiries - and now they have been ignored, Japan's response to pull its entire national team from the Asian Championships

Richard Shoulberg, the coach and mentor to the late Fran Crippen has called on USA Swimming to put its foot down with FINA and demand an explanation and consequences after the 10km events at the Asian Open Water Championships was held in waters off the Malaysian coast at 31.9 degrees Celsius last weekend.

The FINA limit since two inquiries recommended that temperature limits and other race conditions be imposed after Crippen died in a badly flawed FINA world cup event off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in 2010 has been what pool swimmers covering much shorter distances would consider as a warm 31C (the pool water upper limit for those racing just 50m is 3C cooler). Japan pulled its entire team, putting safety first

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