FINA Director: Russia’s ‘2 or 3 More’ Doping Cases & Why Feds Should ‘Carry On Testing’

Cornel Marculescu, director of FINA, and the official 2014 calendar for 2014, showing Yuliya Efimova in July, after she tested positive for a banned substance in October 2013

The era of autonomy in sport may well be drawing to a close, courtesy of the crunch of scandals at the IOC, FIFA and IAAF that came to the boil of late after lengthy years of warning signs, yet for Cornel Marculescu, the director of FINA, the inside man wearing the federation blazer still needs to be right there at the heart of decision-making and influence when it comes to anti-doping and the “independent” testing regime the International Olympic Committee is calling for.; and Russia has more doping cases in the pipeline, says director

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Callum Murray

Thanks for your kind words, Craig. It’s one thing asking the right questions; it’s another getting answers that really address them. But to give him credit, at least Marculescu agreed to the interview – even though he knew I was going to question him over talk that swimming is the next sport in line for a major doping scandal.

Craig Lord

Thanks for your note, Callum. As for Marculescu agreeing to be interviewed, it all depends on who is asking and what they want to know. Myself and several colleagues working for major news, sport and swimming niche outlets have far too many memories of the director being rather selective about who he answers and what questions he’s prepared to stomach to the point of getting to the nitty gritty of what makes FINA dysfunctional, that taking the kinder view of the ‘leadership’.

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