FINA/China Confirm 6 Chinese Doping Cases Pending After Times Whistleblower Report

Chinada, the Chinese anti-doping agency, has confirmed that it has six doping positives from swimming in process. The revelation follows claims by whistleblowers in The Times this morning that five positive drugs tests had been covered up.

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At this point, it doesn’t matter whether it;s simple incompetence or something more malicious. Given what we’ve seen from FINA regarding, or actually what we haven’t seen from FINA and people have helpfully dug up from third party sources, WADA needs to declare FINA non-compliant and remove its jurisdiction over all anti-doping activities.

Secret suspensions, inability to keep its own record book accurate and up to date, and now more cases of ‘are they or aren’t they?’ (Yana Martynova and now apparently others) and this is just not an organization that should have been tasked with investigating Russian anti-doping efforts. Whoever FINA sends would likely never leave their five star Moscow hotel on the trip and then return to Switzerland saying that, yes, RUSADA had promised they were now compliant and FINA saw no reason to not believe them.


Take anti-doping off the hands of local agencies. Centralize everything and prosecute cheaters without mercy.


And five positives in four months is ‘a small number of positives’?


Hardly a shock, but very disappointing nonetheless. Agree with the above comments.
“FINA will leave no stone unturned in ensuring justice is served”. Is it bad that this made me laugh?


What banned substances were they tested positive for?

And Stabilo,
Laughing at that FINA quote is not bad, I was laughing my a** off too

simon Mackalheney

Just a thought but does anyone know if the same drug testing is applied to their (China/Russia) Paralympic programs? Or anyone’s Paralympic Program when I think about it, the UKs? Australia?


Can we have a Top Ten of FINA quotes from Craig’s archives? There’s a cumulative impressive disconnect from reality for the organization.

Shanghai Daily web site says 3 clenbuterol positives from last August- Zhao Ying, Wang Lizhuo, and An Jiabao and 3 additional positives for Hydrochlorothiazide in January- names not released until B samples are verified

clive rushton

Beachmouse: “Can we have a Top Ten of FINA quotes from Craig’s archive?”


Craig Lord

Coming up, with some other stuff, beachmouse…


ban them for life.
for the stupidity.


It seems 2 of the 3 who took clenbuterol have only been issued with warnings which just makes me wonder what’s the bloody point? Apparently they went with the contaminated food routine and seems it worked a treat.

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