FINA Insider Tells Bureau ‘Rules Broken’ For UAE To Triple Prize Pot & Scupper Crippen Cup

The Fran Crippen Elevation Foundation

A senior member of the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee (TOWSC) has written to the Bureau member who serves as the official liaison between experts and career politicians to remind him that rules have been broken when it comes to the UAE offering triple prize money at en event it will stage four years after the death of Fran Crippen there and in competition with the memorial Crippen Cup

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Wow FINA is so corrupt


I could live with the idea of the top USA open water swimmer going to the UEA, winning the race and publicly giving the prize to the Fran Crippen Foundation. I imagine the (given away) winnings could quite easily be recouped through media appointments but maybe I really am off course here!

So Cal Swimmer

It is time for another “French Revolution”.

Clive Rushton

Hopefully the fact that you have been privy to sight of this exchange is evidence of a breach in the dam wall of FINA Omertà. Once individuals are willing to publicly voice their views or, in this case, once their views are publicly voiced, the truth will out.

Now, where are the other members of the TOWSC? Come clean guys.

What about the members of the Coaches and Athletes Committees? Where are they in publicly voicing their opinion on this disgraceful maneuver? Stand up for openness, integrity, honesty, truthfulness. Scary thought I know.

And the members of the Sports Medicine Committee? Are you happy with taking an event back to UAE under the same management as before? Isn’t bribing people to take part in a potentially (likely?) unsafe race medically unethical? Speak up. I can’t hear you.


As suspected, there is much more corruption at the centre of our sport than is reported in the sporting media. I’ll say it again, because it’s worth saying: we are only now beginning to scratch the surface of what is a huge bucket of worms.

Keep up the good investigative work Craig. Any chance you can befriend Andrew Jennings and set him loose on FINA? He would have a field day

Craig Lord

🙂 fedupwithfina … we worked together many moons ago … he’s meticulous in his approach (busy, too 🙂

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