FINA Bosses Ponder Block On Barelli As His Presidency Reform Plan Wins Coach Backing

Paolo Barelli - by Giorgio Scala/Deepbluemedia

The FINA Executive is said to be considering imposing emergency powers to block a bid by the international federation’s honorary secretary Paolo Barelli to become the president of the global body in a vote in Budapest this July. Such a move could spark mutiny at the General Congres of nations on the eve of the World Championships in Buadpest this July. Meanwhile, World and American coaches associations have thrown their weight behind Barelli’s challenge to the status quo

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Barelli will only be blocked if there is a chance of him winning. At this point it is unlikely due to Americas, Asia, Oceania and probably most of Africa voting as a block to keep the gravy train going.
The first VP shouldn’t even be allowed to nominate as his home federation is suspended and therefore couldn’t sign his form. The Asia continental body will support because of lack of alternate credible candidate.
Europe will most likely support strongly to bring some change but they have had enough time to do it up to now and what has happened? Zip.
If anything a Magilone victory will be signing the FINA demise sooner; this can only be a good thing.

Craig Lord

The blocking attempts have started … anything to keep plans and puppets in place … you can almost smell the fear … but either way, they will lose, sooner or later, as you suggest, Zephyr: it is unsustainable

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