Festive February: The 80th & 60th Birthdays Of Speed Setting From Den Ouden & Fraser

Speedy moments 60 and 80 years ago: Dawn Fraser and Will Den Ouden [Fraser image - extract, Les Jeux Olympiques, L'Equipe; Van Ouden and mates, NT Archive and e-Bay]

As the Aussie sisters of speed Cate and Bronte Campbell get set to sprint side by side in Perth over the next two days at the Aquatic Super Series, the moment will mark the month of three February 100m world records that stand out in the curve of progress down the years – one 52 years old, one 60 years old, the other 80 years old.

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Who can tell watching the clip above that Dawn Fraser is a sprinter? 5ft 8in, 148 lb. Cate Campbell – 6ft 1in, 148 lb.

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