February In Middle Of Another Marathon & Katinka Hosszu Notches Up 4:32 400IM

Katinka Hosszu - by Patrick B. Kraemer

There were fewer than 10 performances that breached the 930 points mark on the first day of action at the Amiens round of the French Golden Tour this evening – and just one stood head and shoulders above the rest of the speedy efforts: 4:32.25, 400IM, Katinka Hosszu – faster than her best ever in 2012, faster than her London 2012 Olympic 4th place and swifter than all in the world-titles final last year barring American Maya DiRado, by a slither. February 2016

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Jens Kristian Hansen

You will do great in Rio, Katinka – remember the 400 Im is on day one compared to the Worlds there it is on the last day, a sub 4:30?

Markus B.

Looking at the pic in the article: I wonder if K. Hosszu will grow even more muscles until the Olympics?


4:32 400 IM minutes after 8:31 800 free is stunning.

Bad Anon

Ironically, KH’s 4.32.25 would have been 0.7sec faster than the time it took to win bronze at the London Olympic games. I have no doubt in my mind KH will be aiming to beat Ye’s wr, she definitely has the front half speed, and the Olympic schedule provides a perfect opportunity. she’ll definitely crack 4.30, a 4.27 is possible, probably in the realm of her 2.06 200IM wr… One thing is that wr’s are a guarantee at the Olympic stage

Craig Lord

Yes, WR 400Im possible, Bad Anon – but not only by one swimmer … and it won’t be done by going out at break-neck speed, nor by coming home in 58.6.

Bad Anon

Very true CL. When Rice and Coventry covered the 400IM in 4.29 not only did they both swim to their strengths but they kept all their splits “even” , Rice with stand out splits 1.01.4 on fly and 1.17.4 on breast : Coventry,1.06.75 on backstroke and 1.01.4 on freestyle. Hosszu can easily best all the splits I quoted in the same race as a truly exceptional IMer

Craig Lord

And she’s not alone, Bad Anon.. nor does she have the best splits in at least 2 strokes among those who will be her main opposition… going on best splits ever swum at top flight in a 400IM


It looks like Hosszu is more comfortable with showing good/excellent times when there is nobody around who challenges her (it is long course observation only). Whenever it was a pressure of the race with the opponents of the same caliber she didn’t show her bests. 400IM is promising to be of such race.

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