Fairytale Ending To Maya DIRado’s Career As Gold Keeps Katinka Hosszu From Otto Count

Maya DiRado of the USA - by Patrick B. Kraemer

There would be no match of Kristin Otto’s record tally of four gold medals: Katinka Hosszu finally succumbed. Was it world champion Emily Seebohm who stopped her? Perhaps 2012 Olympic champion Missy Franklin? No – she didn’t make it to the final either. Try Maya DiRado, who will leave these Games, apparently for a life beyond swimming at 23 to take up a job in management consultancy, with one prize of each colour: gold in the 200m backstroke on 2:05.99; silver in the 400m medley; and bronze in the 200m medley. Hosszu clocked 2:06.05, almost a match in each round without any requirement to qualify at that pace, the bronze to Canada’s Hilary Caldwell claimed bronze in 2:07.54.

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I know that she has made decision to retire after Rio, but would it be possible to re-think?
Has she actually signed a work contract with McKinsey?

She is the whole package: smart, pretty, great personalty, fast swimmer with olympics golds. I am sure there are endless commercial activities that she can cash in if she continues as professional swimmer.


The counterargument is “get out whilst you’re on top/on a high”. What else is there ahead of her in swimming that will logically beat what she has just achieved ??


If Hosszu had paced the rounds, as Dirado did, she would almost certainly have won. As it is, Dirado swam it spot on and has had a great Olympics.
BTW, I read elsewhere that SW and Casey Barrett have no case to answer regarding the article last year and the courts have dismissed the lawsuit.

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