Ex-IAAF Boss Diack Says ‘I Had To Cut A Deal With Putin To Get Russian Dopers Barred’

The second report from the WADA Independent Commission into allegations of systematic doping and cover-up at the highest levels of world sport will soon be placed in full in the public domain. It focusses on track and field but the issues it raises spill into other sports, swimming included, with FINA’s man Vladimir Putin in the frame once again

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Someone on Let’s Run suggested Pound was propping up Coe as ‘the devil you know’. (Or alternately someone who will do what WADA tells him to do in coming months. )

For all that Sergei Bubka actually had a stronger anti-doping platform than Coe did when both were standing for the presidency, his country, Ukraine, has some significant doping problems of its own.

Beyond that, the pool of candidates who had enough experience with the organization to be able to ‘hit the ground running’ but were further away from the mess than Coe was is likely pretty small and they may have other issues, leaving Coe as the least awful option.

Craig Lord

Yes, Beachmouse, coupled with another factor: ‘external pressure from within’. The British media will hound him every day on this – there’ll be no hiding place, for better or for worse…


Good point about the British media. Directv picked up BBC World News a whle back and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much coverage ‘Athletics’ as they say get during UK-produced sports coverage.

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