Evgeny Korotyshkin Leads By Example And Calls On Russian Youth To Own Clean Sport

Evgeny Korotyshkin - main image by Patrick B. Kraemer - inset showing the anti-doping app during an interview with SovSport.ru

An interview with the London 2012 Russia team swim captain who says to the next wave in Russia – ‘I did it clean – so can you’. Evgeny Korotyshkin, Russian swimming team captain, Olympic silver medallist for Russia in the 100m butterfly at London 2012, and now president of the Moscow Federation, hit the nail on the head when he concluded: “ …the new generation must to lead this process and change things in a better way in my country.”

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Oh please. Not all nations are guilty. Several nations are heavy users of drugs. And we all know who they are. And others are clean. So don’t state that it is a world wide problem.

Craig Lord

p1robi, I think we all know and appreciate what you mean (BRA, RUS, CHN – all cases in point but each one of them where they are for distinct reasons that speak to the culture and environment in which sport takes place). There’s also a level of understanding to be had here if genuine change is to come about: as Evgeny Korotyshkin is based in Moscow, that is not Sydney, London, Washington and Tokyo… there are distinct cultural differences – and in the Russia case with regards to doping and sport the system and those in it feel under enormous pressure (and so they should). It does not require Korotyshkin to land another sledgehammer of criticism on what’s already very obvious (and then get hammered himself in return tit-for-tat style). His role is to campaign as he is in a way that instils good culture from grass roots upwards and cultivates an environment in which the rogues are shown the door not invited in. I think he makes his points in the most constructive way possible and I wish him luck in his endeavours – as he suggests, it will not be easy.

Lawrie Cox

p1robi yes there are some who are easily identified as problem federations. However the correct call is all nations need to ensure a clean sport and appropriate action taken for those who damage clean swimmers opportunities to win or compete fairly.
Whilst I am an Aussie if any Australian swimmer cheats then they need to be booted out and very publicly as the damage that is done needs to stop.
We should all have zero sympathy for cheats. As is usual in anything so serious the Bureau is yet again missing in action!!


Au contraire, p1robi, you will cheat anywhere and everywhere that there are unscrupulous people and/or those who are desperate enough to “take that risk” to succeed.

Some countries testing regimes may be better resourced and more stringent than others but that doesn’t mean athletes/swimmers from those countries aren’t doping but rather they’re currently “ahead of the game” with regards to what they’re using and how this is being managed.

RUS certainly has major issues and there appears to be clear evidence of some state involvement but this does not mean we have a mirror of the old 70’s-80’s situation. Sport in that country, like many others, is no longer under central control with many indeed training in the West.

The most likely situation is that you have “rogue” squads/training groups and you can find them in any country and in any sport.


is the interview with Evgeny Korotyshkin available in its original form. So I can read Evgeny’s answers in Russian. It is practically a crime not to be patriotical in Russia nowadays. It is very unusual to be the head of some state office and to not blame the West for current problems in Russia. The typical position would be: ” Do you know where this rotten stuff that spoiled the entire generation of our youth came from. When we opened the door to western culture after Soviet Era what did we get in return?’ Etc. It is hard to argue because some points are accurate. It is like epidemic that was brought to native Americans by Europeans. Their immune systems were not ready to withstand new diseases. With no sources of income with criminal mentality dominated in 90x the successful sport career was a shortcut solution to many problems. The Eugene’s (not Evgeny’s) mentality to succeed at any cost was the dominant one. I share Korotyshkin’s hope about new generation in Russian sport.
P.S. it is kind of symbolic that Evgeny has such last name. ‘Коротышка’ (Korotyshka) is the funny name for very short person. When it is used as insult it means that the person cannot achieve much. Hope it is not the case with Evgeny.

Craig Lord

Yozhik, Evgeny communicated in English – this is not a translation.

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