Even Veteran Contingent Can’t Dodge Harshness Of United States Olympic Trials

Matt Grevers by Patrick B. Kraemer

Several former Olympians put forth strong efforts at the United States Olympic Trials, but even veterans are not immune to the harsh nature of the competition.

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kevin roose

America isnt going to have it all its own way in Rio apart from the relays where America should win at least half of the contests and Ledecky not much else is a given.Various countries throw up excellent gold medal candidates across the board in many events ( of course its the Olympics)……

Dave Nicholson

There’s a defensiveness on the comment sections of this website about the American team. Every article is responded to with at least one comment about how the US will fare relatively poorly in Rio or about how great the Aussies/whoever look. Aussie fans seem to be trying to convince themselves of something. All of this is might be true but the constant comments are slightly irritating. Swimming is great, lets just be fans.

kevin roose

Dave i think its the tall poppy syndrome everybody wants to knock the tall poppy…..Australia had a horrible ugly London games and Australian fans are desperate , optimistic that these games will be of a much positive gold medal count …
The Americans though command alot of respect they have star quality and depth but the rest of the world is going to have a real go in Rio it will be fasinating to watch as a FAN ….

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