Europeans Done But Europeans Keep Racing: Highlights From National Clashes & More

Tomasz Polka - by Patrick B. Kraemer

News Round-Up: European-Championship waters had barely settled before some of the continent’s swimmers were called back to the fray for domestic nationals and largely local meets such as the Coimbra event at which Tamara Holub and Victoria Kaminskaya became the 75th and 76th additions to the Portuguese Olympic team for Rio 2016, all sports, and the Bergen Swim Festival at which Japan’s Kosuke Hagino was the star turn. At Polish nationals, Kasper Majchrzak, Tomasz Polewka and Katarzyna Wilk were among national-record setters

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Today is gonna be busy. Last day for relay qualification. Slovenia got their 4×200 in with a 8:00. Hong Kong went 4:03:10 for medley and is in. Poland almost got in with. 4:03:21


Hong Kong is in?
Was Siobahn in the relay?


That I Don´t know..
Also, today is the last day, if no one goes sub 4:03:10 Hong Kong Medley relay will swim in Rio..

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